Cold Storage #1
34’ – 64’ degrees

8,902 sqft 1,932 racked pallet positions

Cold Storage #2
34’ – 64’ degrees

18,902 sqft (not racked)

Cold Storage #3
34’ – 64’ degrees

25,534 sqft 2,484 racked pallet positions
Customs and USDA inspection area

Cold Storage #4
34’ – 64’ degrees

20,027 sqft 1,932 racked pallet positions

Freezer Storage #5
-10’ – 64’ degrees

15,834 sqft 989 pallet positions (not racked)

Truck Loading
Staging Area

19,518 sqft

18 truck doors withSerco vertical dock leveling equipment

Customs and USDA inspection area

Fumigation Building

6,728 sqft
220 pallet positions

Office Building

5,600 sqft
2,100 sqft dedicated to USDA Laboratory

PLRS Facility Specifics

Square Feet
Total Racked Pallet Positions
Refrigerated Container Plugs

Trane Glycol Refrigeration System (no amonia)

radiation portal monitors

IMport & Export


USDA Import & Export

All items inspected to ensure all produce is free from pests and diseases and certifying that products shipped to PLRS meet the importing countries' entry requirements.

On-site Fumigation

On-site treatment of produce to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the facility. We’ve installed 4 high-speed fans that remove the gas from the building in less than five minutes. We can adjust the temperature in the room remotely ensuring product returns to the optimal storage temperature.

Logistic Modeling

PLRS will assist customers in finding the best solution to get products to the consumer. We try and use existing customers and routes to help get round trip rates reducing overall logistics costs.

Cross Docking

We offer the unloading of materials straight from containers to incoming over the road trucks with little or no storage in between.

Custom Bonded Warehouse

We have a customs-controlled warehouse for the retention of imported goods until the duty owed is paid.

ISO tank Temperature Mode

PLRS offers daily monitoring of refrigerated units to ensure the product remains at the desired temperature while plugged in at our facility.

Stevedoring & Terminal Operations

Our top-notch team will take care of you with excellence and phenomenal service while you're at PLRS.

Real Time Inventory Control

PLRS utilizes a web-based inventory control system. All products are scanned in/out. We provide our customers with real-time inventory and can automatically send reports based on customer needs.

On-site Custom Inspections

PLRS has two custom inspection areas for the CBP AG specialist to perform inspections. The areas have sinks and hot and cold water supply.

Container Drayage

PLRS provides on port container drayage utilizing our fleet of Ottawa Yard Hustlers.

Refrigerated Trucking

PLRS has partnered with several local carriers to assist customers with their trucking needs.

Foreign Trade Zone

Duties are only paid when imported merchandise enters U.S. Customs territory. Goods may be held without payment of duty in an FTZ area until sold, allowing for improved cash flow.
PLRS provides labor and equipment to handle the loading and unloading of cargo from a vessel, truck or rail to and from our warehouses or outside storage. PLRS maintains real-time inventory on all cargoes that flow through the facility. Other value-added warehousing services can also be provided such as, labeling or relabelling of cargo, consolidation of palletized cargoes. The warehouse is equipped with wireless technology in order to scan cargo in and out, track damage, and track cargo moves within the warehouse or out in our container terminal.

In addition to warehousing and distribution, PLRS has the ability to efficiently load and unload containers based on customer needs. Because we are an on port operator we have the ability to load containers to maximum weight and deliver to Port’s America with our owned trucks.

With the increase in container volumes in Tampa, we provide other services other than loading and unloading containers such as empty container storage, container maintenance, and repair (through a third party), container cleaning, reefer storage, and monitoring.

Because of our flexible labor at our facility, we can provide the necessary daily flexibility needed for our customers to get their product to it’ customers on time Faster, Fresher and more Economical than our competition.



About us

Port Logistic Refrigerated Services is Tampa Bays’ newest facility for handling import/export of refrigerated and frozen products. Our facility is 135,000 sq feet with 6,348 total racked pallet positions for the handling of perishable cargoes. Our freezer has space for 3,400 pallets. PLRS has an on-site custom inspection area, dedicated refrigerated fumigation services, and Customs lab.

Contact Info

Sales: 877-830-0444

Dispatch Appointments and General Inquiries: 813-349-2320
4207 Maritime Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33605

Near Port of Tampa

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